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URIBL.COM Datafeed Terms of Service

Terms of Service

  • Datafeed service is provided as-is, without warranty, and customer is responsible for implementation.
  • Support is available via email only to datafeed at uribl.com.
  • No Service Level Agreement (SLA) is provided between the customer and URIBL.
  • All datafeed requests are subject to review, and service is not guaranteed to all.
  • Datafeed service will be activated upon acceptance. You can begin using the service after adding your access IP addresses to your profile.
  • Only authorized IP addresses will be allowed to access the service. Default of 2 IP addresses are allowed.
  • Invoices will be sent with NET 30 terms for a service term of 12 months.
  • Evaluation of datafeed service will be for a maximum of 30 days.
  • Datafeed service can be renewed or extended (from 1 to 36 months) online with a credit card through your datafeed user account.
  • International payments can be made by credit card, or SWIFT bank transfer.
  • Termination of service must be done during the first 30 days, or at least 30 days prior to yearly renewal. No refunds will be issued for early termination.
  • Datafeeds will be shut off for accounts that are overdue by more than 10 business days.